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I have been a makeup artist for about 8 years now. I work out of both Delhi and Mumbai. I love makeup, I love Hair, I love making people feel beautiful and look beautiful. Bridals are my forte and mypassion.

- Nivritti Chandra

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Bridal Makeup & Hair

Bridal Beauty Consultant

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"I took up the makeup and hair workshop from Nivritti. I was someone who didn’t know anything about makeup and hair, and now I am confident to do my looks by my own and walk out. Super thanks to this sweet lady, who works so hard for her workshops and most importantly she is super friendly and takes care of even the tiniest of things like get you the stuff which you are not able to get, get you food during the workshops, she even gifted me so many things. She documents every little detail that she tells in the workshop just so that you never forget what you learnt then and shares the document with you after the workshops. I found the mall visit so helpful, she makes sure you understand what you need as per your needs and helps you buy stuff for yourself. Now I understand my skin, brushes, different products, how with little changes in the make up and hair, you can change your complete look. OMG I can’t stop raving about her. This review has already gone too long, so I will not write any more. But I would surely recommend everyone to go and learn make and hair from her."
- Niharika Bhardwaj

"Nivriti is a perfectionist �️ She is too good to be true.. Have learnt a lot from her ..and I understand how important your looks matter besides the brain , specially for me since I belong to the food and event industry... Thank you girl��️�️�️�️"
- Neetu Ghosh

"Nivritti is one of the best make up artists in town! I love the fact that her style is so simple, understated, classy and elegant - always presents you with a completely different look for different day! Organising with her is a breeze - completely professional, super prompt and responsive and with no hang ups at all. Won't ever be using another artist!"
- Padmini Singla

"So i have know nivritti and her makeup since long. And one day i did decide to take her up on her makeup servuces as well, when i wanted to get ready for a wedding....and yes it was no surprise.... I just looked stunning... I jist loved myself and the way i looked. Didnt feel taking the makeup off only... Nivritti you really made me feel like a princess .... I was so impressed that i landed learning makeup for myself from nivritti. She very patiently took my makeup workshop as well and now i am able to look like something similar everytime i dress up for a wedding :)"
- Payal Grover

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