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Amit Mahendru Photography

Amit Mahendru, the best candid photographer in Lucknow, we specialize in bringing the style, glamour and professionalism of private local studio photography to the retail environment. Wedding photographer in Lucknow has been giving our customers complete satisfaction for their requirements. He has excellent quality services had earned us many loyal clients. We are backed by team of professional videographer and photographer with well equipped lab for production of films. It was with the purpose of providing the Service Industries with peripheral services from products of the creative imagination to realistic photographs. Come to think of it, there are so many of these areas in which professionals have to rely on a team of experts, anyway, that we can handle creativity and services with equal facility.
- Amit Mahendru

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Wedding Photography & Videography

Pre-Wedding Photography

Traditional & Candid Photography

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“ The easiest thing to say is that Amit Mahendru Photography Agency is a gifted photographer, artist, and human being. What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the world and how he captures its images. And that's what sets him apart, he doesn't just capture the shot, he captures the experience.”
“ Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures you took of me. You made me feel pretty again. I have ALWAYS hated photos of myself & you managed to change all my notions of just how photogenic even I can be. You two are a couple of the most beautiful, caring people I have had the pleasure of encountering and you give so much of yourselves. ”
“Photography has gotten so trendy. One year it’s gels, the next it’s selective focus or whatever – it’s all about technique. Amit Mahendru Photography Agency's images communicate and are memorable. He doesn’t confuse technique for creativity.”


Photography & Videography

Amit Mahendru Photography

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  • (Contact Person): Amit
  • (Location): Lucknow

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