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Aankush Duggall

Bridal Fashion Jewelry - Delhi NCR , Mumbai


AD JEWELS is a fine jewellery company, passionately creating jewels of desire and beauty, with Aankush Duggal and Aanchal Nevatia, as the owners and the design brains behind the brands products.

The company works on a different, new age format. We do not have retail showrooms and we work only by appointment. This helps us to give every client due attention and customize jewellery as per their needs.

"Our inspirations are derived from a wide gamut of things. From art movements like Art Nouveau to the rich Indian culture and maybe even mundane things in life.
We try to achieve a rich amalgamation of everything of what we observe, what we use and experience.
Our designs are flamboyant and adventurous. We believe that jewellery should make you feel like a princess when you wear it no matter how big or small the piece of jewellery is, it should be eye catching and make the wearer feel special.” – Aankush Duggall & Aanchal Nevatia.

Each and every piece from the AD jewels line is crafted using the highest quality standards. Right from the metals used to the gemstones and diamonds, the duo only insists on the best and does not compromise on the finish.


The AD jewels brand has come along way since its inception. We emphasize on jewellery that is intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. Unusual colors combined with exotic gems set the basis of our novel designs.

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Delhi NCR , Mumbai, INDIA

+91 9873007838

Aankush Duggall